Fashion Space provides commercial rental spaces for all type of projects and clients.
We have locations available for:

Photo-shoots and Media Campaigns
Cocktail Parties, Special Events, Pop-ups, and Brand Launches
Large Scale Productions for Music Videos, Commercials, and Films.
Pop-up / Temporary Showroom
Media & Content (Influencers, Social)

Additional accommodations for team & crew off site also available.

Overlooking Tenerife, this spectacular villa has been designed with 70’s flair, complete with outside terrace, pool, and a large photography studio

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Our above ground pool is perfect for brand or influencer photoshoots, and is part of a large terrace overlooking a beautiful panoramic view of Tenerife.

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Our Large outdoor event space has stunning sea views with a perfect backdrop, the island of La Gomera. With access to a kitchen and washroom

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Our large photography studio has lots of natural light, beauty area, and plenty of room for wardrobe. Half, full day, and long term project rentals available.

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